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Steel Building Components

     KLM Steel Buildings and Components carries a full line of steel building materials.  Metal building components are available for every section in the structure like roofing, panels, trim, gutters, subframing, vents, doors, walls and others.  We can fabricate your trim, subframing, flashing, gutters, and downspouts either to our standard dimensions or your custom dimensions.  If you are trying to match a very specific profile, we can find the material for you.  With multiple ship points throughout the United States, we can deliver it right to your jobsite.  Contact us for information and pricing on replacement parts for your metal building.


     Subframing provides additional support and points of attachment for your metal roof and wall panels. Our standard subframing is available up to 12 gauge thickness in either a galvanized or red oxide finish. We carry cees, zees, channels, angles, eave struts, hat channels, sub-girts, and more.  We can also manufacture to custom specifications and can provide it to the length that you need. 


     Panels are used for soffit, liner paneling, roof and wall covering.  They come pre painted or galvanized with a protective finish with a standard warranty.  Special paint and colors are available.  We carry a full line of exposed fastener, hidden fastener, architectural, and standing seam panels and can provide it cut to specified length.  We can also source panels from other manufacturers to provide an exact match.


     Fasteners hold panels to the subframing.  Fasteners are available with standard or long life hex heads with washers, standard, wood grip, oversize and a variety of others.  They are also availble in the same colors as the panels, or with no color. 


     Trim is used to cover panel ends, corners, interiors, openings, and other applications.  We have a full line of standard trim, or can manufacture it to custom specifications.  Common trim applications include jamb, eave, sill, corner, eave and base trim.  Gutters and downspouts are carried as well. 

Doors, windows, vents, skylights, insulation and more

     We carry a full line of accessories for your metal building needs.  Contact us to get information and pricing.  Often, we can find materials to match what you already have.  Contact us for more information.

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