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20 x 100 Self storage building with an office unit on the end with glass double door, window and solid swing door.Standard and climate control building designs are available.  Partition, door and hallway systems are available for existing building conversion.

Industrial metal building with gutters, ridgevents, windows and eave translucent panels.  This is a straight forward cost effective design.

A commercial steel building application with hipped roof, overhang entrance and has the wall sheeting removed for brick.  Using conventional wall cladding such as block, brick and stucco can be easily incorporated into the design.

A metal building used for a church with multiple roof shapes and brick as the exterior.  This type of design is cost effective and adds to the appearance of the structure.

A standard steel building with a roll up door and windows.  This type of building is ideal for garage, farm, shop or business use.  It is neatly trimmed with white corner, rake, eave, opening and base trim.

A metal building meeting the stringent requirements neccessary for a fire station.  Large overhead doors are on the same side with a hipped metal structure used for an office attached to the end. 

 A metal building under construction prior to the insulation and panels being installed.  Notice the framed opening for roll up door in the front side and cable bracing used in the endwall.  Alternative forms of bracing are available. 

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